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Presenting Mariana from the Community of Aserradores.

Maybe you have met her before, she is the daughter of “El Pastor Don Emilio”, one of the three triplets. She is a young entrepreneur and her hand made Jewelry is featured in many local businesses like Tapas & Surf, Pasta a la Vista and Al Cielo. On her free time she also teaches local kids to make Jewelry and is passing on Nicaragua’s long heritage of “Artesania”. Please contact her for work shops, to purchase products or to help further here career.

What’s your name?
Karen Mariana Espinal Reyes

25 years

Where do you live?
Aserradores, Nicaragua

Can you describe what your occupation is?
Jewelry maker and Masseuse.

How many years have you been doing this?
I started 4 years ago working with my sisters Karla and Araceli and also a group of children who are currently learning to be Craft Makers.

What do you love in your community?
I love the sea and the nature but above all, I love the kind people.

How do tourists help in your economic progress?
Tourism is an important economic source for the people that live here. It provides work that gives us stability and the opportunity to grow and get ahead.

Anything else you want to tell us?
Through tourism we meet people that help us value the beauty of our home.  Without tourists, beauty is a rough diamond waiting to be discovered.

Please leave your contact so that we can contact you:
Phone: +505 78200853
Facebook: Karen Espinal Reyes
Markartim Hand crafts