Palm trees are completely underrated

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I were heading towards the Berlin Airport at some chilly 0ºF (-18ºC). 3 hours later Madrid received us with grey clouds and non-stop rain.

Only a few days later, we were more than ready to check in for our trip to Nicaragua.

But suddenly my already confirmed VISA for the stop in the USA was denied – s**t gets real when they ask your partner if he will also fly without you.

About an hour later, and thanks to some extra money, they gave the go. Actually, it was a “run, I am serious, run to the plane”.

So, let the fun part begin:

9,5h flight to Miami
2h running from one control to another – dear USA, you might be a little too paranoid
3h flight to Managua
3,5h ride by car to Aposentillo

Palm trees are completely underrated

And now I am here.

Laying below some huge palm trees and letting my mind wander to the sound of the ocean.

Asking myself why the doctor would not prescribe an hour in the shadow of palm trees instead of antidepressant.

I was down at Playa Nahualapa the other day, getting to know the area, and trying my best to get some photos of some surfers out there. I had noticed a beautiful tree standing on a point to the south side of the bay, and decided to point my camera that way to get a beautiful landscape photo. Then out of nowhere, a mother and her little niño pequeño came walking past me. The happiness they both exhibited really struck me, and it was a friendly reminder that you don’t need much to be happy..

Once he noticed me, The little boy immediately was fixated on me and my camera. And as they continued walking past me and on their way, he kept looking back, smiling and likely wondering what I was doing. I wish I would’ve stopped and chatted with them, and learned a bit more about their story. I guess this will just be a lesson to make sure to talk to my subjects more. At the end of the day, talking and connecting in some way is how you and we build community and trust in each other, and that’s what it’s all about.